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 Tikimt - Tahsas 2004 / November - January 2011 
News published online in the Ites-Zine

2003 2011  
Tahsas 29 January 7 Empress Menen biography - now available
Tahsas 22 December 31 RAS TAFARI: The Majesty and the Movement exhibition - this replaces previous item text
Tahsas 15 December 24 Empress Menen biography - full translation available
Tahsas 8 December 17 Good news about Fairfield House - His Imperial Majesty's home in Bath, England
Tahsas 5 December 14 RAS TAFARI: THE MAJESTY AND THE MOVEMENT Exhibit Addis Ababa, Shashamane, Harar, Ethiopia. Opening May 23rd, 2014
Hidar 19 November 28 The rise of the Anti-Christ and His Government & The rise of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie 1 and Rastafarians - a reasoning from General Salem (R.Y.I. Azania)
Hidar 7 November 16 Strength for the elders in Shashamane
Tikimt 30 November 9 Photos from the 81st Coronation Ilabration Ises in Italy - page one / page two
Miyazya - Pagume April - Sept Yawenta Children's Centre
Report Miyazya - Sene 2003
/ April - June 2011 / photos
Report Hamle - Pagume 2003 / July - September 2011 / photos
    WSPC: Strength sent to Ras George for medical expenses  
    Majestic day in Ejersa Goro

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2004 2011  
date link added to Ites Zine  
Tahsas 5 December 14 Jamaica: Rastafari Think Tank 
Tahsas 4 December 13 Ethiopia: World's first illustrated Christian bible discovered at Ethiopian monastery
Tahsas 2 December 11 Ethiopia: Will this be the first time the world sees the Ark of Covenant?
date published  
Hidar 1 November 10 USA: The Smithsonian celebrates Ras Tafari as the Movement turns 81
Tikimt 26 November 5 Ethiopia: Is the tide turning against the killing of 'cursed' infants
Tikimt 23 November 2 South Africa: CRL Rights Commission Wishes the South Local, Rastafari Community a Blessed Coronation Day Celebration
Meskerem 28 October 8 USA: Occupy LA: Quincy Clemons
Meskerem 24 October 4 Ethiopia: Transition of Elder Rupee
Meskerem 23 October 3 Jamaica: Bob Marley University opens 
Meskerem 12 September 22 Ethiopia: Learning to live with autism in Ethiopia
2003 2011  
Miyazya 24 May 2 Ilahful book documenting His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I.  Click on page to read larger. It can also be downloaded.
Maggabit 21 March 30 Mama Bubbles honored at the RYI Empress Menen Celebration


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