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Nehasa 12 August 18 1st Call for 12th CRO Summit, Cultural and Trade Expo
For more details see website
Hail Rastafari

Please  register for the CRO Summit at and email and write to CRO 12th Summit to confirm your participation as soon as possible. 

The prices for the activities have been updated:
  • EXPO I:  was $200; NOW $100
  • EXPO II: was $200; NOW $100
  • Registration - early bird prices apply only...
The website has been updated as well as the registration form.  Please inform others!!!  Give thanks...

Ras KudosSage I
ICAR Secretary

In the Name and Service of Qadamawi Haile Selassie and Empress Menen

Greetings RasTafari Family

Please see the attached announcement of the 12th Summit, Cultural and Trade Expo of the Caribbean Rastafari Organisation (CRO), in Barbados, December 4-8, 2008 in Barbados.

Membership application forms are also attached. Forms / fees & dues

The Summit will elect new executive officers to advance the work of the CRO in service to the Rastafari Nation.

The Cultural and Trade Expo will be an ideal opportunity to trade in Rastafari Goods and Services globally.

To register your interest, and for further information please email:

CRO 12th Summit < >

Details re programme and logistics will be coming forward shortly. Meanwhile, please share this First Call widely within the Rastafari community.


Blessed RasTafari Love 
Sister Ijahnya Christian

Executive Director, CRO Secretariat
Triple Crown Culture Yard
Coronation Avenue/P. O. Box 109
The Valley, AI-2640

Tel. (264) 497 2878
Cel. (264) 729 9596
Fax (264) 497 7999

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