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Lots of people contact Rasta Ites with questions and I try to answer them as best I can.
Some of these questions and answers will be posted here....... a sort of FAQ page. 
I stress that answers are only IMHO (in my humble opinion). Please feel free to contact Rasta Ites with more reasoning.
JAH blessings and guidance


General Categories 
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On page 1: hair, diet, language, skin colour, flag, faith & knowledge
On page 2: Contacting Rastafari Organisations, women, Technology, Symbols  
On page 3: Other Faiths, PrayersDietary laws & practice, Seven Seals    

"Can I explain I and I .........about the whole thing concerning Rasta women?

Rastafari Organisation
"can u help us,and give da contacts of rastafarian organisations in all world?"

  would like you ( if you can) to inform me about the rule which says that hair must not be cut."

"I like to question something: What can I & I do for have a good dreads? I know but i need something like tips. And also I know what I have to know about Dreadlocks and too that Dreadlocks means . No problem with that Sista I know what is Dreadlocks and for me is not a something like a fashion is a Agreement (I think that is the word) with JAH Rastafari!!!!!"

"I see
in explaining the locks, the I refer also to Number 6. It also talks about not eating grapes, raisins and anything from the vine. Does it mean Rasta don't eat grapes, melon, sweet potato, soya, cucumber, squash, and pumpkin? All these come from the vine!! 

Why no pork?

" Tell
me something? Why does rasta say I and I? I was told it is because of the two conciousness levels of a rasta. One I for mankind and the other I for himself? Is that what I and I is about?

"hi iīve been confused so many times with the term Christafari. I donīt really uderstand what is all about. i hope you can help I"  

"I believe in your beliefs and everything associated with ras tafari. but the only thing holding me back is that i'm white and i don't really see anything about being white. so do rastas have to be black to be a true rasta? thank you for your time and effort to answer my question"

"I want to know why some times when I see the red, gold and green in horizontal bands the red is at the top, but at othertimes the green is at the top.
  With the bands in a vertical formation I only ever see the left to right ordering of red, gold & green" 
*12 Jan 07

Faith and Knowledge  
"i  want  to  know  the  origin  of  rastafari, the  meaning  of  rastafari, and  how  a  rasta  must  live  his  life?"

"I am blessed to receive the word of JAH but 1 thing that I am having trouble overstanding is Creation. Was there a before man period?"

"Do Rastamen believe in Jesus Christ (who has crucified ) or have another Jesus?"

"Why would you believe in someone but don't follow his teachings, did any of the Rasta's reaseach Haile Selasse speeches. I'm a christian who believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and after reading Haile Selasse speeches he believed in the Trinity and instructed his follower's to abide in God and to become Christ like and to follow Christ. ............ but somewhere it had to be someone  or something that had a greater influence to the Rasta than Haile Selasse." 

I was wondering if you could provide me with some prayers. Sometimes I feel confused because I don't really know how to pray or what to say. I feel that I should be blessing the food and giving thanks when I wake up and before I rest but not sure exactly what to say. If you could please send me some prayers along with the one you sent before I would really appreciate it.

Other Faiths   
What do rastas think of religious tolerance? Is Rastafari the only true religion and will all non-rastas end up in hell?  


Isn't it some kind of contradiction using the internet when you think of  the Rastafarian concept of Babylon which includes sometimes also Western technology? And also to put some links on a site like this that do route you to sites where rasta-stuff is sold like T-shirts or music. It's a thing that I don't understand, because I thought that rastas do consider all these things like being a part of the evil. So I would like to know what you and other rastas think about that.


I always, see pictures of rastas making their hands into a trianglular/diamond shape? what does this mean?
*12 Jan 07