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Rasta Ites listings endeavour to be as accurate as possible however it is advisable to check with venue or links given before travelling

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2008 2015 - 16  
Tir 28 - Ginbot 19 Feb 6 - May 27 Jah Golden Pen - Art by Ras Jata exhibition - Fairfield House, Bath UK - please contact the House via facebook for access or attend on sabbath Ises - 1st Sattaday of month 1pm - 8pm
Yakatit 6 February 14 Nyahbinghi Ancient Council + Rastafari Millennium Council presents Cultural Mapping - Trench Town Nyahbinghi - Trench Town Jamaica
Yakatit 11 Febbraio 19 Giorno Dei Martiri in memoria del sacraficio e della lotta del popolo Etiope contro l'aggressione dell'Italia fascista - Roma Italia / facebook
Day Of The Martyrs in memory of the sacrifice and the struggle of the Ethiopian people against the aggression of fascist Italy
Yakatit 18 - 20 February 26 - 28 United Rastafari of Aotearoa welcome I&I to the 3rd Rastafari National Gathering - Tauranga New Zealand
Miyazya 7 - 21 April 15 - 29 50th Inniversary Commemoration of Groundation Day - Jamaica
Regular Ise
Please contact I (rastaites@gmail.com) with any changes to this info
every 1st Saturday of the month Sabbatical gathering in honour of Haile Selassie I King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Almighty JAH, Held by Fairfield House and United Spirits Organisation. Thanksgiving Ises from 3pm until 7pm @ His Imperial Majesty Qedamawi Haile Selassie's house : Fairfield House, 2 Kelston Road, Bath, BA2 3QJ UK. House open 1pm - 8pm / Calling all Rastafari children in the local area and from near and far to come to Jah Sabbath School. Anyone interested in coming from London should contact Ras Chubby on 07440192630
Sattaday 1st Church of RasTafari Nyabinghi Ises Every Sabbath New Orleans, LA, USA. no more details sorry
Sundays Ba Beta Kristiyan Haile Selassie I : worship + Sunday School - London UK
Sundays BeTa Tabot Lion of Judah Assembly welcomes you to join them every Sunday 11-1 (GMT) for morning praise, worship, prayer and study at the Tabot Centre, 151 Granville Road, London, England, NW6 5AR
Sundays Ethiopian World Federation local 1 - NYC, USA - @ 1012 Clarkson Ave, between E 91& E 92 St, NYC, USA @ 5 p.m.
Dinsdag / Tuesdays Ital gathering : 2° dinsdag van de maand is Assez, Sparrestraat 1A 9000 - Gent, Belgique
Regular Ises in Botswana
Nyabingi gathering every Sabbath at Moremogolo - Gabane
 Nyabingi gathering at Otse every Sabbath
Nyabingi gathering at Kanye every Sabbath

 also received November 27 2012
Every Sabbath Francistown Botswana
all different mansions gathering Let's give Jah yanx and Ises fegether at de True Rastafari House

50th Inniversary
Commemoration of Groundation Day

Newsflash – planning has begun for a 2 week programme of events to commemorate the 50th Inniversary of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie’s historic visit to the Caribbean – Groundation Day. See News Release below. Events will begin from April 15th with the exhibition launch and there is a Nyahbinghi planned starting 21st so start saving/booking now if you wish to attend.

The 50th Anniversary of the visit of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie 1 to Jamaica and the Caribbean in April 1966 will be celebrated in Jamaica where he landed on April 21.  The commemoration will begin with the opening of the RASTAFARI the MAJESTY & the MOVEMENT-UK Exhibition at the Montego Bay Cultural Center, Jamaica on April 15. A two-week programme of events is being packaged including seminars, musical tributes, film screenings and sacramental services for delegations expected from the Caribbean, Europe, Africa and the Americas to celebrate the historic event.